Best Color Combinations for Small Kitchen

Even in these modern times, the kitchen remains to be the heart of an American home. It is where we prepare our meals, and therefore, it should be kept neat and spacious. However, because of congestion in most urban cities, the amount of space for each home, including the kitchen, becomes significantly smaller.

An ideal kitchen would still look large and spacious enough to work on regardless of space. Luckily, there are basic design rules we could live by. Are you a do-it-yourself homeowner who wants to be hands-on with how your home would look? You could use the following cabinet color combinations for small kitchens so it can appear bigger.

best kitchen color combinations Color Combination Ideas for Small Kitchens

Basically, the rule of thumb is to go with light colors. To make the room appear bigger, light tones are the best colors for a small kitchen. The lightness of your walls, counters, cabinets, ceilings, and floors create the illusion that the kitchen is bright and spacious. If you feel like you have limited choices, below are the different categories of kitchen color ideas for small kitchens:

  • White and off-white colorsYou can never go wrong with white. It is a clear color that can go well with many different home themes and design inspirations. White is very classic and elegant. The best thing about white is that among all other colors, it reflects the most amount of light. The walls can seem like they are receding with this color. White can make your kitchen appear bright, clean, and spacious. One of its advantages is that there is no better way to spot grease and other dirt in your kitchen easily. If white feels too crisp, you can also use off-white for a more relaxed look.
  • Monochromatic scheme
    If you want a touch of boldness and a well-defined kitchen look, you may go for monochromatic colors. These are best for sleek and stylish modern or industrial style finishes. Here, you can still use dark or black cabinet colors for small kitchens. A touch of white is still recommended, but you can also use different shades of gray. The high contrast between black and white is strong on the eye, and it can also minimize visual clutter. White and black are not the only neutral colors you can use. Shades of brown may not be monochromatic, but a neutral scheme is also good kitchen color ideas for small kitchens.
  • Colors with low contrast
    To create low contrast, we go by the rule of sticking to light colors. The easiest combination would be white plus any pastel colors. This would be the perfect opportunity to put in your favorite pastel colors that give you the feeling of home. It can be the cool waves of the ocean in light blue or the warm colors of light yellow or pastel orange. Low contrast colors will give a sense of continuity in your space. You would not need to have a hard time choosing the cabinet colors for small kitchens. You can choose a slightly lighter or darker tone from your wall color. It can also apply to your shelves, backsplash, counters, and more.
  • Bright, glossy paint
    Another way to use bold colors is by using bright and glossy finishes in your kitchen. A vibrant red, blue, or any primary and secondary color can still make your kitchen look spacious if you use glossy paint. It creates a high amount of luster that reflects light and enlarges your space. Aside from shiny paint, you can also use metal appliances to add to the luster and light of the room. Along with the right lighting, the glossy cabinets and counters can make a very stylish kitchen.

best color combination for small kitchens Best Color Combinations for Small Kitchens

Picking all the light colors you like can turn out to a color palette disaster. Some colors work well, while some bright or bold colors do not go well with others. The right color combination is essential, especially if you are going for a particular look. There are ways to mix and match the colors mentioned above. Below are some examples if you are having a hard time choosing a color combination:

  • White and natural wood tones
  • White, off-white, and soft blue tones
  • White, mint-green, and aqua tones
  • White, black, and yellow tones
  • White, black, and any color tones
  • Shades of gray tones
  • Blue, brown, and copper tones
  • Turquoise, yellow, and chartreuse tones
  • Spice-colored tones
  • Natural green, cream, and wooden tones

Redesign Your Small Kitchen

In summary, lighter colors, as well as natural shades, provide a warmer and spacious vibe to your kitchen. With this information, choosing the best colors for small kitchen is now made easier.

Still, redesigning your entire kitchen, from your walls and tiles to your cupboards and cabinets, can be a huge work. With the help of makeover and cabinet makers Las Vegas can offer, you can have the colors and combinations perfect for your kitchen and cabinet refacing.

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