How to Make the Bathroom of Your Dreams

If you are looking to create a bathroom which truly stands out then it is vital that you find the right design for your home. There are so many techniques you can use and more and more modern methods and design innovations which make your life a whole lot easier. Are you wondering “how should I design my bathroom?” – follow our steps to create a bathroom you’re not just happy to use but that you are truly proud of and delighted with.

Stick to a Neutral Palette

When it comes to bathrooms, neutral color palettes are usually best. Having lighter shades and colors is an especially modern technique and gives a modern verve to your bathroom. There are other bathroom design ideas for using darker colors but these usually give a more classical feel. Even if you do opt for some darker accent colors then there is no reason you can’t keep them neutral.

Another of the benefits of a neutral palette is the fact that it means you can add design features and not constantly have to worry about whether or not they will go. Let’s say you have a piece of artwork or a particular type of shower curtain you wish to install. If you have a neutral palette it is far more likely to go with it.

Bathroom of Your Dreams
Maximize Your Storage

It is all very well having a bathroom that looks great, but if you have no storage space then it might get frustrating. At least some storage for towels and toiletries is pretty essential if you are looking to make you dream bathroom.

There are many clever ways you can include storage in your bathroom, so even smaller bathrooms can have some discreet cabinets to include all of those essentials.

Your storage should be considered carefully when you are thinking about design, too. Don’t just put an ugly cabinet in place for the sake of functionality. Cabinets that haven’t been properly painted and treated to go in a steamy and often humid bathroom can encounter issues, too. If you are redesigning but want to keep your bathroom cabinets, think about cabinet repair and refinishing bathroom cabinets to make sure they can stand the test of time in your new, dream bathroom.

Your Dreams Bathroom
Consider Shower Seating

Shower seating can be very functional. If you suffer from mobility issues then this may even be something which is essential to get the most out of your shower. If you think it is likely that you will need shower seating then there are plenty of options on the market, and these can make your bathroom look even more luxurious rather than functional. If you have a bath and shower combo, some seating can look very suave rather than something that has just been added as some sort of an afterthought.

In general, you should consider any other issues relating to the use of the bathroom and whether there are specific things you need to include to cater for anyone in the home with a disability, for instance. Your dream bathroom is not just about looking great but it needs to be great to use, too.

Use Some Interesting Lighting

Most bathrooms are built for function rather than for expression, so there isn’t a huge amount that you can include that can give an exciting and interesting look in your bathroom. One thing that you can use is interesting lighting. Including lighting that has some cool features can really help the ambiance. We even live in the age of the smart home, so there is no reason you can’t use a lighting setup which can change with your mood. Using things like Philips Hue can let you just tell your lights to turn purple, or any other color, and they will follow suit. This is one way to allow your bathroom to be really flexible.

Think about what types of lights you want. Strip light, sconce lights, even chandeliers are all options if you have enough space. It is simply a case of thinking about what space you have and where the lights should be mounted to have the most effect.

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