How To Choose A Backsplash Material For Kitchen?

A kitchen backsplash can be amazing for keeping your walls safe from spills, splashes and other kitchen messes. It is also a great design function. There are plenty of materials that can be used for a kitchen backsplash and some are far better than others. If it is time for kitchen remodeling then there’s every chance you’re wondering what the best backsplash materials are. We’ve explored some kitchen backsplash options in this article to help you out.

Why Do You Need a Backsplash For Your Kitchen?

Pretty much every kitchen will use some sort of backsplash as it just makes sense. You can get backsplash installed easily with the help of a professional contractor. A backsplash is primarily in place to stop things like liquids from splattering and spilling onto the wall. This is why you often find a backsplash next to a counter or behind a sink.

A backsplash can be used behind a cooktop, too. If you’ve ever tried to clean grease off of a wall then you will know exactly why this is a useful installation. Kitchen backsplash is much easier to wipe clean than the wall and keep the wall itself fully protected.

Different Types of Backsplashes?

Backsplash is a statement piece in your kitchen. It compliments the overall design in the kitchen and should be nicely paired with countertops and kitchen cabinets. Of course there are other features to consider besides matching the pieces in your kitchen such as price, quality and how easy is the installation and maintenance process. That’s why the best kitchen backsplash materials are somewhat subjective. Naturally you want something that will protect the walls and be easy to clean.

Let’s explore some of the top materials and start with the most popular options.

  • Ceramic or Porcelain tiles are the most widely used backsplash material for kitchens. They are in demand because of their durability, versatility and easy maintenance. There are loads of options available. You will find a large array of colors, shapes and sizes. Get creative, mix and match different shapes and styles to get a stunning design. Glazed porcelain or ceramic tiles are also great for coping with water which makes them ideal to put behind a sink. And you also don’t need much effort to get rid of the food spillages and stains.
  • Glass tiles can give a modern look to your kitchen but they can also be a little bit less hard-wearing as compared to ceramic. And still this is a good choice to add some lightness to your kitchen design. The reflective surface returns the light and makes your kitchen look more luminous.
  • Metal tiles such as steel or brass are often used as a backsplash material. These tiles are gaining popularity now. And yet they give a bit more of a commercial feel, the kind of thing you may see behind a counter in a pro chef’s kitchen. Nevertheless they’re affordable, easy to keep clean and come in a variety of textures. If you pair it right with the other elements in your kitchen they might give it a rich and luxurious look.
  • Natural stone such as travertine or marble can be another option for kitchen backsplash. Marble is great for a more sophisticated look and travertine brings in the classy old look and adds warmth to the area. However, natural stone has its downsides too as it is expensive and demands regular care. All the same don’t hesitate to choose this option if you don’t mind shelling out a little bit more money.
  • Thermoplastic tiles are the most low cost and easy installed option of all. They’re often designed to simulate the look of other tiling such as a mosaic look. They are sometimes sticky so that a whole panel can easily be attached to the wall with minimal effort. The downside is that these may not last as long as some of the other options, and they don’t feel as good on the wall.
  • As you can see, there is a lot to choose from on the current market. It will boil down to decisions on whether you’d like to spend a lot of money on your backsplash, and also what design functions you are looking for. If you need an easy-clean, simple installation then ceramic and porcelain might be your best option.

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