Matching Hardwood Floors to the Kitchen Cabinets

When you start your kitchen remodeling it will be useful for you to have a design scheme that features matching colors. Thus the whole interior design will stand out. The process of matching hardwood floors to the kitchen cabinets is a necessity, as it attracts a lot of attention in a kitchen.
We have collected some useful info for you on matching hardwood floors to the kitchen cabinets. Here’s a quick look at what we will be covering in this article in more detail.

  • Choosing an appropriate color scheme
  • Selecting the right kind of hardwood
  • The importance of the countertop material
  • Don’t forget the accessories

Choose the Color Palette

When choosing colors for kitchen cabinets, you don’t have to play guess. There are color schemes available that allow you to know precisely what shade of which color you will get. They even name shades by number.

The Lighting

matching ahrdwood floors to the kitchen cabinets Lighting is, naturally, mostly affected by the inner lighting and the availability of outdoor daily light. Needless to say, colors look differently on daily electric lights, and there are numerous types of electric light.

However, there is one other trick design experts usually hide when it comes to outdoor daily light. The color of the daily light entering your window is greatly affected by the surfaces just outside of it and their colors. For example, if there is a large wall close to your window, the color of the wall will surely affect the saturation inside of your home. Of course, the color and transparency of the windows themselves play a crucial role. These are all the factors you need to get ahead to really predict how kitchen cabinets and countertops colors will actually look.

Choose Your Hardwood

Why is the surface so important for matching hardwood floors to the kitchen cabinets?
Well, first of all, human beings see colors because the light bounces off the surface. It bounces in numerous different ways and every particular way produces a specific shade of color. So, while the light itself is necessary to make it even possible to see colors, the surface is the primary determinant of the shade.
Some hardwood already comes colored, like bloodwood. It is a name for several trees, unrelated to each other, but known for their red or yellow shade, like the ivory birch (baloghia inophylla) or a  marblewood, marbled baloghia (baloghia marmorata), and many more…


matching hardwood floors to the kitchen cabinets

Good quality hardwood will both look good and last long. In fact, if done right and properly maintained it can last indefinitely.
A kitchen particularly is a busy part of the house. There’s lots of action, fumes, walking, dropping things, collateral damage, etc… This is actually the primary reason to paint the hardwood in the kitchen, to protect it. It can be costly and very inconvenient to often do cabinet repair or, god forbid, flooring replacement. It can ruin the entire concept.
Looks and aesthetics come second to practicality, at least in this part of the house.
Matching hardwood floors to the kitchen cabinets is a good idea and it can really look good, but things get a lot harder when you also need to factor in performance and practicality. That is the true challenge of any designer, which is why you need to know your wood and also realistically predict the circumstances in your kitchen.


The Countertop Material is Important

For all these reasons and more, designers usually recommend more durable materials for the countertop. Now, the beautiful thing is that kitchen cabinets and countertops may or may not have to match in color, but they can supplement each other. They can make the contrast, which can be pretty good if all your other wood surfaces are in matching colors.
Countertop materials usually used range from granite, marble, soapstone, and even porcelain, to the butcher block, laminate, and other similar solid surfaces.

Use Accessories For Matching Hardwood Floors to the Kitchen Cabinets

Backsplash, knobs, cabinet pulls, all these details are very important and also have a high contribution to the overall picture of your kitchen. While it is not always possible, having all knobs and cabinet pulls in your kitchen matched sends a powerful message and looks astonishing.
It may be possible to match the knobs and pulls on your existing kitchenware with a bit of cabinet refinishing and remodeling. However, the backsplash is also important, for in some cases it can really cover a large area.
And, lastly, the color of your appliances, the stove, the fridge, and others can give that final touch to finish the whole picture, or in some bad cases it can give off that feeling of unfinished business. So, plan accordingly towards your possibilities and try to predict as many factors as you can for matching hardwood floors to the kitchen cabinets.

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