5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Kitchen

Any kitchen redesign that you undertake in your home should be in place to improve both the looks and functionality. The kitchen is such a central space and you are likely to spend loads of time both cooking and enjoying your spare time there. It is vital that you avoid making silly mistakes with your kitchen renovation. This can easily occur if you base your design purely on looks, are worried about the kitchen remodel cost or simply don’t give it the required thought then you can easily fall into some of these mistakes.

Mistake #1: An Off-Center Doorway

If you are placing your door to the room in the center and have the idea of making this beautiful, symmetrical and even a specific design feature, you need to make sure it is perfectly centered. Measuring up beforehand is absolutely vital and if you have any inkling at all that something is not quite where you planned for it to be then you should get it looked at. Bust out the tape measure and check.

Renovating Your Kitchen
Mistake #2: Bad Fridge Placement

The fridge is always going to be one of the most vital aspects of your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking or just making a coffee, you will want to be able to quickly grab things from the kitchen. If it is poorly placed and inaccessible then this can quickly make you very frustrated. There is no need for this, if you think it through. Your fridge should be easy to just grab a snack from, preferably at head height or chest height, and also easy to take ingredients to any food prep areas. It shouldn’t be in the way, but the fridge should be a focal point.

Mistake #3: Barely There Lights

There are lots of different options for lighting in the kitchen and some are very stylish. Lights above kitchen islands or smaller strip lights are very popular. This is fine, and a little bit of expression with your lights can really bring your kitchen to life, but make sure you have enough lighting! The kitchen needs to be somewhere you can clearly see as well as looking good.

Kitchen Renovating
Mistake #4: Incorrectly fixed cabinets

The cabinets are another of the main components to consider when you are looking to redesign your kitchen. Whether you opt for cabinet repair or refinishing kitchen cabinets in order to make them look new, or you are going for a brand new look with your cabinets, it is important to ensure they’re all properly fitted. As well as the cabinets looking good and being easy enough to open and close, you need to make sure they are not obstructive. Cabinets which are fixed in a way that they will open out and be in the way of your movement, or two cabinets getting in the way of each other, will suddenly make your kitchen look very amateurish.


Mistake #5: Repainting. Twice.

Painting is probably a big part of your kitchen redesign. If you are painting with a lighter shade then it can very quickly start to become noticeable if there are any chips or imperfections in your paint job. A lot of people think it is suitable to just quickly and easily run a paint roller over it, but this won’t do the job in a lot of cases. It is vital that you think about how you are going to paint and whether things like primers are required. If the area is likely to see a lot of water you will need waterproof paint so that it doesn’t instantly come off when it comes into contact.

There isn’t a lot more frustrating than constantly having to repaint. Doing the job properly the first time can make sure your renovation lasts and you don’t have to revisit it in a year or two (or even sooner).


When you are looking to get your home renovated, whether doing the job yourself or working with professionals, it is so important that you make sure you don’t slip into the pitfalls. It is easy to make mistakes that can lead to a waste of time and money. Avoid the errors above and you’ll be a long way towards your perfect kitchen.

Best Bathroom Color Ideas

Color can make a huge difference to pretty much any room in your home, and though the bathroom may not be the top priority when it comes to making a room look welcoming and comfortable, it is worth taking the time to do so. Did you know that the right color schemes can make your bathroom appear larger? Or that certain colors will be relaxing, meaning that if you like to take a bath after a long day then having the right colors can help you to unwind? Let’s have a look at some bathroom color ideas.

Warm & Cold Colors

It may seem strange that our brains can process colors like this, and that we have grown to use the terms warm and cold to describe colors! The general rule of thumb requires looking at a color wheel, there is a cool half with blues and greens, and a warm half with reds, oranges, and yellows. What impact will warm and cold colors have on your bathroom?

Warm colors will normally only look good if you have plenty of space, as they can have a cozying effect and draw in the room to make it feel a little smaller.

Alternatively, colder colors can give a more open feel to a room and give a boost in terms of our perception of space. Also, cold colors have a feeling of cleanliness, this is why they’re often used in hospitals and, you’ve guessed it…bathrooms!

There is no right and wrong. The key is to know what the color schemes can do for a specific space and then use this in order to match up a color scheme which will work for your room.

Bathroom Blues

Blue is the color we often associate with bathrooms. It doesn’t matter if you don’t use blue, but it can be a good starting point and is often the color you would expect to use at some point within your bathroom. Blue makes us think of water and nature as well as cleanliness. There is a reason we see blues used so often in bathrooms and usually lighter blues with ocean hues.

bathroom color blue

How to Combine?

Combining colors can be one of the toughest things to do when you are decorating, whether this is the bathroom or otherwise. One color will be boring, and sterile white bathrooms can look flat and uninteresting, so it is important to come up with some sort of color scheme, even if a couple of colors are only used for a small amount of accent. For instance, a couple of rows of tiles or for your bathroom cabinets.

There is a lot of theory that goes into choosing colors. You can use a color wheel to work out which colors will go together. The colors should have similar hues, and those which are either opposite each other on the wheel, or close together on the wheel, will usually go together. Rules are there to be broken, and you should choose colors which reflect your personality, too. There’s no reason to be too boring.

The size and style of your bathroom matters

If you are working with a smaller space, one way to make it appear larger or to have a lot more space is to use lighter colors to decorate. Colors like an antique white can be one of the top ways to create the illusion of a bigger room. Bright accent colors could be another way to add some interest and an illusion of more space in the room.

Larger spaces can be a space for different colors, and darker color schemes will look better if you have more space. Richer, dark wood colors combined with purples and burgundies can be used if you have a bit more space. Interesting patterns made in tiling and feature walls with wallpaper or a different design to the other walls can make your bathroom look more welcoming and have more interesting talking points.


There are plenty of ideas that you can use as starting points, browsing some photos for inspiration is a good place to start, and knowing your color wheel will help! You should choose something that suits your home and your own personality when deciding upon a bathroom color scheme.

Best Materials for Cabinet Making

Most cabinet makers are in agreement that the most important decision to make about design is what materials to use. Even if the craftsmanship and design are wonderful, if you’ve picked a wood or other material that doesn’t work for space it is going to be used in then the cabinet will be nowhere near as high quality as it could have been. Different materials work for different environments, and naturally, they have a huge impact on the price. High quality, solid materials are often more expensive. In this article, we’ve explored some of the best materials used for cabinet making.


MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. This is made out of recycled fibers from other woods and is milled in a high-pressure environment to create denser, heavier materials to make things out of! It is relatively affordable but also doesn’t really peel or crack easily, this is why it has become very popular for use with flat pack furniture. It is also smooth and easy to paint over with colors you desire.


Plywood material is also low cost but it is good at resisting moisture, this means that it is often more popular for use in bathrooms, for instance. You can coat the plywood with laminates or other types of veneer which can also help to stop water from having a negative effect on the wood.

Stainless Steel

When most of us think of a cabinet we think of some sort of wooden finish, however, it isn’t always the case. Steel can be used, and this is especially popular if you are making cabinets to be used in industrial kitchens which are designed to last a long time. Steel may not be as aesthetically pleasing in a home but if you are looking for something incredibly robust and hard-wearing then it might be that you opt for stainless steel.


This is far from being a traditional material used for cabinet making. This material is made out of wood chips and other particles which are effectively glued together. It isn’t overly firm as it is held together purely by adhesive. However, particleboard is affordable and can be used in the right circumstances to good effect.

Hardwood Veneers

Wood veneer is a hardwood, it is peeled from a wooden log and then glued to other materials such as MDF and particleboards to create a finish. This isn’t what you would make a whole cabinet out of, but it is lightweight, inexpensive and creates a hardwood finish where there wouldn’t otherwise be one.

cabinet materials

Best for Kitchen

The best materials for use in the kitchen need to be able to deal with hot temperatures and also be hard-wearing, especially if they’re in a kitchen which will see a lot of use. In a commercial setting, it could be worth using stainless steel. For the home, MDF materials can be fine to use MDF or other types of composite materials. A veneer or coating will definitely be advisable as this can stop any water or anything else that splatters from becoming difficult to clean, the veneer will be wipeable.

Best for Bathroom

Plywood is the material we advise if you are going to use wooden materials for cabinets in your bathroom, it is resistant to water and also has the option to be used with coatings and veneers. These can help you to create a cabinet which copes not only with water getting on it by splashing, but also humidity won’t degrade the wood.



There is an element of personal preference here, and you should also think about the way your kitchen and bathroom is used, and how likely it is that your cabinet will be exposed to water or other conditions that can damage it. Though you may think of cabinets as being made out of wood, they are often made of woods that are composites of other materials, especially if buying flat-pack or affordable home furniture. Cabinets made out of hardwoods are usually reserved for rooms where heat and water won’t play such a big part, so MDF and other composite woods are advised for both your bathroom and your kitchen.

Best Jobs in Las Vegas Without A Degree

High-Paying Jobs Without a Degree

It is possible to earn between twenty and forty dollars an hour without a diploma, even though a lot of people do not believe that this is the case. Many of these jobs are hiring, but a lot of people don’t notice them. However, as people become more aware of their options, even this is starting to change.

A Market for Employees

Many job seekers now are confident about their prospects. This is certainly the case for the job seekers that have strong backgrounds and stable work histories. Manpower Las Vegas is interested in all of this. The job market is finally starting to turn towards the interests of employees. Wages are starting to increase, and employers are feeling pressured to offer higher wages than they did in earlier days.

Middle Skill Jobs

The fact that an increasing number of positions call for people who have high school diplomas only should be encouraging for most job seekers. Many of them are still used to the old system, where people absolutely had to have college degrees in order to get anywhere.

Middle skill jobs, which only require a high school diploma, are getting more common in the marketplace. People are starting to turn away from college degrees in an era of increasingly high college costs, and this is having an effect on the nature of the jobs that are being offered and accepted.

Gaming managers earn 47 dollars an hour, and this is a middle skill job. Sales representatives can earn 31 dollars an hour or so. First-line supervisors will be able to earn around 33 dollars an hour.


Really, it should be possible for people to find middle skill jobs in a lot of different fields. They will be most likely to find them in healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. People might need to get certificates in order to work in these jobs.

High paying Jobs in Las Vegas Without A Degree

They also might be in need of some special training, which might be on-the-job training only. Since a lot of this training is free, people are not going to have to worry about going into debt just for the purpose of getting a job at some point.

The Department of Labor has given Nevada grant money to provide more apprenticeship programs that will allow people to get the on-the-job training that they need in order to really get ahead. Nevada is very friendly to businesses as a matter of course. It manages to do this while still being friendly to employees.

Trigg Laboratories is offering one of the many different opportunities that people will be able to enjoy for themselves at this point. They manufacture and package personal lubricants. This is a company that should be able to expect a lot of growth, which is good for all of the different potential employees. The jobs at Trigg are among thebest jobs in Las Vegas without a degree, and people should be able to find many more opportunities like that.

When people find the right company, their lives can proceed in a completely different direction.

Jobs in Las Vegas Without A Degree

Moving to Las Vegas Guide

Las Vegas is a magical city. There is plenty to do and see. Vegas is known as the convention capital of the world. It is also a glitzy and glamorous city. There is one thing that many people do not know about Las Vegas, NV. It is a nice place to take up permanent residence. The cost of living in this city is below the national average. There are some interesting and fun facts about Las Vegas. Pizza is 11 percent cheaper in this city than the national average. Gas is four percent cheaper and the costs of homes are less than the average town. There is no state income tax which is a plus. It is said that the sun shines in Las Vegas over 300 days a year. The city is in Vegas Valley which is a desert community of 600 miles. The average temperature is 67 degrees. It is hotter in the summer and during the winter it is very rare the temperature drops below 45 degrees. There are plenty of job opportunities in this city even away from the Strip. Downtown Project is looking to become the center for start up businesses within the next five years. There is a $350 million dollar project for real estate development, small business start up, technical company start ups, and improving local education. Las Vegas is a great place to begin a new business. Here is an insiders’ guide to living in Las Vegas. Area Guide Center Las Vegas is a place like no other in the world.

Moving to Las Vegas


Downtown is one of the most exciting places in the country. In addition to the business development that is set to begin Fremont Street has plenty of legendary hotels and casinos. There is a number of ethnic foods. This is the area where the young and educated professionals are flocking to. There are a number of beautiful apartment buildings including the Ogden, Juhl, Soho lofts, and the Newport. The downtown area is a place to keep on an eye. Startup Block South of Charleston Boulevard and located between Las Vegas Boulevard and Maryland Parkway the Startup Block is great for entrepreneurs. Micro communities are being developed. This block is seeing early success. This block is being developed right along with the Downtown Project. Arts District This area is just south of Downtown. It includes Common Street, Hoover Ave, Fourth Street, Las Vegas Boulevard, and Colorado Ave. This section of town is also called the 18b since it spans for 18 blocks. The neighborhood is filled with art galleries, yoga studios, funky shops, and interesting restaurants. The First Friday festival is held each month and averages 20,000 people in attendance.

How to move to las vegas

How to move to las vegas


Chinatown is located on Spring Mountain Road. It is an Asian community that has European influences. Chinatown Plaza is the most famous shopping center in this town. There is also Tokyo Plaza and the Pacific Asian Plaza. This is great for those looking for both modern and traditional Asian goods and food. The restaurants Raku and Monta Ramen are very popular and the food is great.


This city consists of much of the Strip as well as the McCarran International Airport, the University of Nevada. This town is run by the Clark County Commissions and is home to both the resorts and retirement communities. This area is famous for the neon lights, hotels, and casinos. There are a number of places to live as well. There are residential apartments in the MGM Grand and the Trump International. There is a shark tank located at the Mandaly Bay and world class nightly performances. There are plenty of movie theaters and there is something to do any time of the day or night. The local university offers a number of free lectures and there are plenty of educational opportunities.


This is one of the most prominent suburbs. This community is west of the downtown area. The population of Summerlin has doubled to 100,000 residents in the past couple of years. This is great for families that want some quiet and their own yard. There are a number of parks, good schools, and plenty to do.


This is the second largest city in Nevada after Las Vegas. It has 250,000 residents. This city was ranked the second safest city in the United States by Forbes. Bloomberg Business also called it one of the best cities to live in.

Renting Vs. Owning, Living in a High Rise vs. a Home

Many people need to decide if they want to rent or own. The cost of living is rather stable and it is not hard to live comfortable. The average rent for a one bedroom apartment ranged from $550 to $70. A three bedroom apartment costs between $900 and $1,200 a month. This is a quarter of the price compared to New York City. A person can purchase an apartment of they can rent one. The cost for an apartment that is around 1,000 square feet can cost between $74,000 and $297,000 depending on location and features. If a person is looking to live a little further away from the city they can get a place between $69,600 and $185,000. The more amenities the home has the more expensive it will be. According to Trulia.com a person can purchase a three bedroom home in Las Vegas for an average price of $159,000. Zillow has the price to the average home at $152,000. When deciding to rent or own the price is not the only thing to keep in mind. A person should think about things such as the quality of their life, happiness, and others. Some want to raise their children in traditional neighborhoods while others want an urban setting. There are some other things to keep in mind. They include accessibility, travel, close to business and neighborhoods, home maintenance, and long term goals. If a person is a first time home buyer there is information found on Moveline to help a person determine if they are ready for homeownership. For those that are not ready to buy there are plenty of apartments and Apartments.com can list the pros and cons of each complex.

How To Move To Las Vegas With No Money

There are people who want to live in Las Vegas. It isn’t just a vacation destination for a lot of people. There are 600,000 people within the city limits of Las Vegas, making it a heavily populated city. The greater metropolitan area is the home to two million people.

Las Vegas overview

1. The things that have made Las Vegas famous do not account for the whole city.

The Strip is in Paradise Nevada and not Las Vegas, technically, even though it has made Las Vegas so famous. Overall, the Strip lasts for four miles. People who have only experienced Las Vegas through this part of the city are missing out on a lot of it.

2. Buying a home in Las Vegas is less expensive than a lot of people think.

A single-family home in Las Vegas will cost people around 182,000 dollars as of 2015. People would pay around 278,000 dollars for a similar home in Sacramento. Estately has a lot of different homes available for people to see, and they should be able to find something that is closer to their price range than they might think.

3. It’s hard to live without a car in Las Vegas.

The public transportation in Las Vegas is terrible. People will need to have their own cars in order to get around effectively in this city. Knowinghow to move to Las Vegas with no money is even more complicated as a result. At the very least, people need to have access to their own transportation, and it should be big enough for them to carry around some of what they need.

Move To Las Vegas With No Money

4. There are specific celebrity impersonators there.

Finding people who will impersonate specific celebrities in famous cities is common in the modern world. However, in Las Vegas, Elvis impersonators are no longer as popular as Zach Galifianakis impersonators today. The Hangover franchise has become so iconic by this point in time that a lot of the stars from the film series have become strongly associated with Las Vegas. In all likelihood, a person who looks likeZach Galifianakis is just another impersonator.

5. The Downtown Project should be interesting to a lot of people.

Thanks to all of the developments associated with the Downtown Project, there are many young entrepreneurs in an area that was once considered a poor part of the general city. This area has luxury high-rises as well. Development should continue in this direction, completely transforming the look of this formerly poor area.

6. People will see the Real World getting filmed in Las Vegas again.

Some people are critical of the Real World, but it is a show that has been going on for 31 seasons by this point in time. The latest season will take place in Las Vegas, and this has been the case with plenty of previous seasons.

7. There are many different customer service jobs available in Las Vegas.

Given the number of hospitality positions in Las Vegas, it is no surprise that customer service positions are very common. People who have a lot of experience in customer service should be able to find plenty of great job opportunities in Las Vegas.

8. Call center positions are common in Las Vegas.

Some people will specifically move to this area because they are interested in the job opportunities. There are some job opportunities that are specific to Las Vegas. However, there are also plenty of job opportunities that just happen to be common in the area because of the city’s population and the manner in which it markets itself. Call center jobs are among the most popular in Las Vegas.

9. Fremont Street has fantastic Thai food.

People who love Thai food will be drawn to Fremont Street. Le Thai is one of the best Thai restaurants that a lot of people will ever try. People will adore the Waterfall Beef, Short Rib Fried Rice, and Basil Stir Fry.

10. Fremont Street is interesting to see.

A lot of people will be specifically interested in the Fremont Street Experience. Some people see this whole area as something of an alternative to the Strip, and a lot of people like it better. People who want to see one of the largest video screens ever invented will be able to see it here.