How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Many of us have small bathrooms that we’d much rather make much bigger given a choice. When you are stuck with the constraints of the house you live in, you might want to make a small bathroom bigger so that guests can enjoy the perception of a larger room. It can also help you to sell a house.

Clever bathroom remodeling or even just some simple small bathroom hacks to give the illusion of space, and make the most of the limited room you have, can make all the difference. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make a small bathroom look bigger.

Add Some Colors

The psychology of color when decorating any room is surprisingly influential. If you’ve never actually delved into this world before, you might be shocked at what a difference it can make. Just a change of color scheme can revolutionize the look of a room.

You’ll also be pleased that a bathroom can be one of the more straightforward rooms to paint. If you’ve ever looked up how to prepare a room for painting, you’ll know that you need to remove loads of furniture and tape over certain things. This isn’t always the case in a bathroom; you may not be able to remove your bath, for instance.

Are you choosing colors to make a small bathroom look bigger? There are a couple of approaches you can take. A lot of people go for a light color scheme. This is in fashion now, and it is versatile, so when you sell, you won’t isolate buyers. It gives the feeling of openness having lighter colors.

Some people also go for the feeling of space that can come from a darker room, and some dark statement bathrooms can look fantastic. Some clever small half-bathroom ideas involve dark color schemes.

Update The Tiles

There are so many reasons why people go for tiles as part of their bathroom remodeling. Tired and old tires make a bathroom look…well, tired and old. They can also make it feel smaller and draw people’s attention to the constraints of the bathroom.

Smaller bathroom walls can be made to look like a larger space by including one solid tile pattern. We don’t recommend using loads of colors or anything too complex.

What size tiles are best for a small bathroom? We recommend either 1×4 or 2×6 floor tiles, they’re cheap, and the ceramic design is usually best for durability and longevity. Some tiles can even be easily painted to give you more control. If you ever decide on a new color scheme, that’s possible.

Tiles can be used on the walls and the floor, and small bathroom flooring ideas can be challenging, but if you have a tile design to cover the whole of your bathroom, it can make it much easier and take away some difficult decisions.

Prioritize Bathroom Organization

In some scenarios, you may look at your bathroom and not even notice the fact that it is getting very cluttered. It’s easy to have cleaning products and makeup out on the side, and though they may not bother you, they may be making your small bathroom look even smaller.

Even if you have a small bathroom cabinet, that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep a lot inside. It might not be the most exciting of all the tasks when it comes to decorating, but you must get organized.

Here’s the deal. Over the years, your bathroom gets packed with things you don’t want or don’t use. You may have half-used bottles of product sitting around that you could just dispose of. Alternatively, cluttered cupboards mean that you aren’t making the most of your space. You don’t have to be anal about things, just ruthless in getting rid of what you don’t need and making sure pointless items don’t take up your bathroom space. Perhaps you have somewhere else in your home where you can store other things such as towels, too?

Incorporate Multiple Mirrors

Mirrors may be one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to making your bathroom look bigger. Using mirrors in any room can help to give the illusion of more space. We’re not talking about tricking people into thinking it’s twice as big! Even on a subconscious level, having mirrors can open up space. If you have ever been inside a restaurant or coffee shop and noticed lots of mirrors, the chances are they are trying to pull this same trick.

As well as mirrors making a space look bigger, they can also make the room brighter, making the most of any source of natural light. Ask any interior designer, and they will tell you that mirrors are one of the best choices for a small space.

Of course, in your bathroom, you will probably already have a mirror. Consider making this more significant, or adding other mirrors throughout the space.

Decide On Shower Structure

Your shower is likely to take up a lot of your bathroom’s space. If you’ve got a small bathroom with a shower, then it is worth spending some time working out a plan. For example, one trendy way to try and make a small bathroom appear bigger is to use a clever design such as turning it into a wetroom. If the room just has a shower and no bath, this is easier to do and means you can maximize the floor space. Of course, it requires some bathroom remodeling, and it can be a little bit of a job to get the bathroom looking how you want, but it may be worth it for smaller rooms.

There are other decisions to make. Many more minor showers can sit in the corner of the room, and you might even be able to get a specifically smaller size. Often, a curved door can give the illusion of more space, too. Square doors may jut out into the room and give the feeling of more valuable space being taken up, so a sliding door can be another option. The shower is one of the most crucial decisions when you are designing your bathroom.

Decor With Unique Pieces

Unique pieces can serve to do a couple of different things within your bathroom. For a start, individual pieces can give your room a real focal point. When people enter the room, rather than scan around and even take in size, they might just be able to check out all of the exciting features instead. You can have one specific part that the eye is drawn to. With darker bathroom designs, a lot of people opt for some darker metals to complement it. This can mean brass taps or other exciting and different configurations.

Unique pieces can also fit the bill for a smaller bathroom because you may get some unique small pieces of furniture. There are small bathroom sinks that can allow you to incorporate more storage space. There are also several old-fashioned antique items that you can include, which may be smaller anyway, as things used to be smaller hundreds of years ago! Well, homes did, and all of the items within. It’s a great option to make your bathroom more fashionable by decorating it with unique accessories.

Unique pieces are not something to be afraid of. Many people have the outlook that “less is more,” and while this is true with most decorating, there is nothing wrong with having something in your bathroom to draw the eye.

Contact Your Local Bathroom Experts

If you’re ready to move forward, then it is time to contact your local bathroom experts to get a quote for the ideas you may have. Even if you are planning to sell your home soon, looking into the options you have for redecorating is worth looking into. A bigger-looking bathroom can improve the perception of your home and even boost its value.

Contact us today to see what ideas we may have for your bathroom and how it can revolutionize the look and feel of your home. Even a tiny space can be functional and appealing. It’s time to get creative with your bathroom remodeling and your bathroom decor.

Owen is a customer experience manager at Majestic Cabinets. Having several years of experience in the home improvement field, Owen is keen on sharing his knowledge and secrets with others. Doesn't matter if you’re a homeowner with little to no knowledge in the field or an experienced contractor, you can always learn something new and interesting from his stories. Owen hopes that his articles will give you a bit of insight on home improvement.