Pairing Countertops with Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the right theme for your kitchen can be challenging, especially if this is your first time remodeling. You can hire a design consultant for aesthetics advice, plus a kitchen contractor to help you find the best material for kitchen countertops.

The look of your kitchen should be cohesive and organized. You don’t want colors to clash or accessories that add clutter. Putting your kitchen together starts with choosing the right materials in coordinating colors. Your countertops, cupboards, flooring, appliances, and décor should blend together to show off your style and enhance kitchen functionality.

To create the perfect kitchen for you, let’s talk about the material, colors, and styling.


There are plenty of countertop materials and cupboard choices.

For cabinets, the most common material is wood. If you want to paint your cupboards, choose a type of wood with even texture. Woods with knots do not absorb paint well. Oak, cherry, birch, hickory, walnut, and pine are very popular. For those who do not like traditional wood, veneer and laminate are great options.

For countertops, the selection is much more diverse. Common options are soapstone, ceramic tile, slate, granite, marble, engineered stone, laminate, butcher block, concrete, and stainless steel.

Selecting the best material for kitchen countertops and cabinets can be crucial to the overall quality of your kitchen.


Color impacts the final look of your kitchen. You can build something fun, modern or elegant with the right combination of hues.

The Color Wheel

Start by looking at samples of different color schemes. You can see which colors complement each other by using a color wheel or color chart. Shades of black, gray, brown, and white are neutral – great for a calming effect. Blue and yellow are complementary colors, while orange and yellow are analogous.

Choose two dominant colors and one accent color. The dominant shades must be complementary, while the accent color ties them all up together.

How to mix and match colors

Contrast can bring your kitchen to life. White cabinets with dark countertops are a popular combination as they alternate light and dark hues. Shiny stainless-steel tops and backsplash look great when paired with bold colors such as lime green. If you have a granite countertop, choose one of the fleck colors to pair with your cabinets.

Even if you opt to go monochromatic, mixing several shades of your chosen color can add flair. Try two or three shades of beige and add a brown or white to create a cohesive look.


Your cabinets and countertops for the kitchen should match your decorating style, existing appliances, and family lifestyle.

If you have a big family, make sure that your countertops are heavy-duty and that your cabinets provide ample storage space. If you have small children, you want them to be able to reach into cabinets and drawers without climbing on a stool or stepladder. Wall cabinets are great for saving floor space.

Look around your home and blend the styling of your cabinets and countertops with existing décor. If your dining room and living room are traditional country style, you might want to hold off going modern in your kitchen.

How to Match Your Cabinets with Countertops for Kitchen

When it comes to remodeling, many homeowners choose the color of their cabinets first. It makes sense as cabinet doors take up about 80% of the visible space. We do, however, recommend that you choose your countertop first as this is one of the most expensive items in your project.

Countertops also come in a wide variety of materials, colors, and styles. Individual patterns make it easier to match your cabinets to the countertop instead of the other way around.

Here are three basic steps in pairing cabinets with countertops for the kitchen.

Pick your countertop

Bring a sample of your countertop design when you look for cabinet options. Create a look that blends your countertop and cabinetry with the floor color for a consistent texture.

Figure out your color palette

Keep your dominant colors simple and choose a third accent color that brings attitude and character. Black-and-white schemes are popular in modern kitchens, while warm and neutral colors are often seen in farmhouse styles.

If you want to make your kitchen island your focal point, pick a different color for the island cabinet to create contrast with the countertop and perimeter cabinetry.

Finish with accessories

Accessorizing should be the last step in remodeling your kitchen. Highlight small decorative pieces with bold colors. Brighten up your kitchen space with metallic hues such as chrome fixtures or brass accessories. Think about completing the design: You can add also carpets and rugs that will make such a big difference in your kitchen. You may also line your countertop with gold or silver accents.

Dos and Don’ts of Pairing Countertops with Kitchen Cabinets

  • Mix and match neutral colors
  • Do not pair bold cabinets with bold countertops
  • Blend your cabinets and countertops with the aesthetic of your home
  • Highlight only one part of your kitchen – your cabinets or countertop should be the focal point and not both
  • Do not shop for countertops or cabinets without setting a budget
  • Stick to your budget
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of different material options
  • Do not purchase countertops or cabinets without looking at samples right in your kitchen

If you have no idea how to start your kitchen remodeling project, it may be wise to bring in an expert. Our design team can help you build your dream kitchen by presenting the best material options at real prices.

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