How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Are you wondering how to keep kitchen cabinets clean or how to clean the painted cabinets you have in other rooms? You need to take a lot of care when cleaning kitchen cabinets. They can be delicate and can get damaged when you clean them, especially if you don’t take the right steps and use the best way to clean kitchen cabinets instead of just attacking them with cleaning products without thought.

Whether you are keeping bathroom cabinets clean or kitchen cabinets, it is important to get a method that works for you. The kitchen and bathroom can be areas where the cabinets have to deal with a lot of spills and some stubborn materials such as food, hot steamy water and even grease. You need to know how to keep cabinets clean, which is exactly what is explained below.

Materials to Clean Kitchen Cabinets 

kitchen cleaner There are a number of different cleaning products out there. As a general rule, the less abrasive and the less chemical ingredients used the fewer chances of any damage or paintwork being scratched.

You can use a detergent such as dishwashing detergent or even the type you use for your laundry for cleaning kitchen cabinets, just make sure you don’t make them too wet. Mix detergent with water in a cleaning bucket and apply the water with a cloth. You should wipe it down after you have applied it with a different, dry cloth, and not leave the water to soak.

Vinegar can work, too! It’s great for sticky handprints so if your kids have been touching the cabinets or if you have been cooking and got something on the cabinets, vinegar and water is fine.

You can buy all-purpose cleaners but go for one which is not abrasive so you don’t damage anything. Kitchen cleaners are sold as generic cleaning solutions and these can be fine for washing the cabinets down.

You can use baking soda turned into a paste if you have some really bad marks and stains on the cabinets. However, be careful you don’t damage the color. Make sure you don’t use baking soda if you are cleaning metal cabinets.

Sometimes, just using water is sufficient. The cabinets may not need to be disinfected or anything. If you’ve spilled a little flour on them or they have got a bit greasy, a wet cloth might do the job. It is very important to make the right cleaning for kitchen cabinets according to material, from which they are made. While cleaning wood kitchen cabinets you need to be sure that the water doesn’t stay on the cabinets, as this can soak in and damage them.

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets – The Methodhow 

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets may have been painted with latex paint or they may have used oil-based paint. Oil paint is more durable so it should be ok if you scrub it with any kind of cleaner. It’s always good to use a bit of caution but it is way more important if you are scrubbing a latex-painted cabinet. Latex paint is very easy to scratch off. Even using warm water can be enough to take the paintwork off if you scrub too hard.

Baking soda can be one way that the paintwork gets damaged, so it is important to be extra careful if scrubbing this into the surfaces. Try to be gentle and don’t apply more force than is needed. Start off by scrubbing gently in the hope this cleans sufficiently. If you scratch the surface, you may need cabinet refinishing to redo the paintwork.

Modern Liquids vs Old Fashioned Methods  Remember that once you’ve washed, wipe down with a dry cloth!

Modern Liquids vs Old Fashioned Methods 

You get people who come from different schools of thought when it comes to cleaning. Some people love to do it the way their mom taught them, even if this was a method she’d learned from her mom 80 years ago! There are more modern products available that can disinfect and clean the surfaces. A kitchen is a place where bacteria can build up if you don’t take care, so the thoroughness some of the modern cleaning products allow are hugely beneficial to this.

Old fashioned methods may be suitable for a lot of the small spills and when things need wiping down. If you want to keep it ultra-clean, make sure you regularly use disinfectant products.

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